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Creator Questions

Please do note that the answers to these questions may change as we get closer to release

How much does Indiesub charge?

Indiesub takes a flat 14% - Other sites additionally pass along payment processor fees but we believe that it's much easier for you to calculate your earnings if our fee is a flat number that also covers payment processing fees.

How frequently does Indiesub pay out earnings?

You may request to withdraw your cleared account balance at any time or opt to have it paid automatically on a monthly basis.

When does money become cleared?

Money goes from your pending to cleared balance 45 days after it is received from the user. For example if you received a payment on the 1st of June you would be able to withdraw it any time after the 16th of July. We understand this isn't the most ideal situation in the world but when it comes to tips and donations there's a higher risk of refunds and chargebacks that needs to be accounted for.

Why do you allow users to refund for 14 days?

We have the no quibble 14 day refund window for legal reasons but also because handling a refund is much nicer than handling a chargeback for us as a service and you as a creator. After 14 days you're welcome to quibble with the user (the refund request will appear in your dashboard)

What withdrawal methods are available?

Withdrawals can be requested via Paypal or Stripe. Please contact support if you need an alternate methods such as Bank Transfer. We aim to be as flexible as possible (it's your money after all!) but may need to add additional administration fees for some methods due to complexity, we'll always discuss with you before applying any fees on top of the flat 14% taken from income.

What currency will I receive money?

Money is paid out in British Pounds. We're investigating the ability to request payout in other currencies.

Do I need to pay tax on my earnings?

Yes, you need to arrange to pay any income taxes due. For the purposes of money withdrawal Indiesub does not operate as an employer, you are a self employed entity and need to pay taxes as required. Please discuss your tax responsibilities with an accountant, we cannot offer personalised advice on tax issues due to the global nature of our service.

Can my earnings be transferred to a corporate entity?

We can make payments to legally registered companies instead of the individual. Please contact support if you need assistance

How do you handle chargebacks?

Chargebacks are handled on a case by case basis and depend on how many are received in what time period across how many users. In some cases chargeback fees may need to be applied to your account before you can withdraw funds. You'll always have someone you can talk to regarding chargeback fees, please do contact support if you need to discuss chargebacks (and of course any other funding issues!)

Any user issuing an unjustified chargeback instead of requesting a refund will be removed from the service indefinitely. Any creator involved in fraudulent activity (that is to say they receive justified chargebacks) will have withdrawal requests blocked temporarily until the issue is resolved. This is because we need to prevent our service from being used for money laundering. Any cases of money laundering will be reported to relevant authorities.

Do you allow adult content to be funded?

Yes. As long as your content is legal in the United Kingdom (specifically England where relevant), you may fund it here. Please do note however that we may have to use an alternate payment processor if your content is "high risk" according to payment processors. This will result an additional processing fee but we feel that's the best of two bad situations when compared to Indiesub not being able to help you fund your creations.

Please do mark your account as 18+ if you are going to fund adult content.

Do you allow the funding of hate?

We do not. Aside from the obvious moral issue, hate speech is illegal in the United Kingdom so we both will not and cannot allow hate to be funded through Indiesub.

The definition of hate content will be determined by relevant laws and by committee where laws do not give a definitive answer.

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